4 Months and Loving It!

June 14th, 2011


This past Saturday I was 16 weeks! Everything is “Status Quo” with the doc. I went for my monthly check up, heard the heart beat again and all seems fine :)   I go for more blood work on Friday, and I find out the sex on July 15th!!!! Here I am to those who don’t live here with me, at 16 weeks! I am not popping out too much yet, but I am getting more round…!

I went shopping a little Sunday because I really don’t have too much to choose from in my closet! SOOOOO darn it, shopping it was ;) . I got a bunch of cute tank tops that are light and colorful-very summery. I got some cute dresses and a pair of shorts or 2. If you are pregnant and don’t need to tap into maternity clothes yet, make sure you don’t spend a fortune on these clothes, as you will have to buy new ones again as you grow. BUT the good news is-which will make you AND your husband feel better about shopping-you will most likely be wearing these clothes post baby, so really it’s an investment. By the way, I can rationalize anything.


Nothing crazy yet! But the funniest thing did happen: My husband Darin and I went out for frozen yogurt last week. We decided to eat it there that night instead of taking it home, like we usually do. So, I sit down with my nice dessert. I am about to spoon some in my mouth and…..POP-my button on my pants POP OPEN!!!!!! It was just priceless. I put down my yogurt and was convinced it was a sign!!!! Hahaha!!! Well, needless to say, I did have my yogurt, but I didn’t finish it!!! It was too funny. I just look at Darin and we both start hysterically laughing!

I am, however getting more veggies in my diet, thanks to Chef Elisa at www.wholesomemeal.com. Everything is organic and clean eating-so you know I LOVE IT!!!!! If you haven’t checked her out-DO SO. Especially if you are busy and just don’t have the time to prepare ALL of the time. This will help out a lot. She makes veggie sides to go with whatever meal you are cooking and healthy protein snacks to get you through the day. I started using her because I didn’t want to cook a lot during those few weeks where I was picky about my food. This helped a lot in getting protein in my snacks and having more, well rounded meals for lunch and dinner. Now I am just hooked and still order certain things through her to make some meals more interesting during the week. It also gives you some fresh new ideas on what to do with your veggies to make it realllly tasty and healthy at the same time.


It’s super important to still eat healthy while pregnant. Don’t use it as an excuse to OVER indulge. But for heaven’s sake, if you want a sweet treat or whole grain pasta one night…EAT IT! Don’t deny your body what it wants all the time. Especially if you were SUPER CLEAN in your diet prior to pregnancy, it’s more than OK to have some “goodies” as you may call it, here and there. The last thing you want to do is starve your body and your little growing baby of the nutrients he or she may need. You want a healthy baby right? Thought so. Pregnant women need different amounts of nutrients and foods opposed to non-pregnant women. Why do you think there are prenatal vitamins? That’s just one example of many. For the Lean and Mean people out there-you may not be used to eating a lot of carbs, but GUESS WHAT?? Your body and your baby needs some healthy whole grains and carbohydrates. For an interesting read on low carb diets while pregnant CLICK HERE.

Lean and Mean or not, I am never for eliminating carbs completely-just choosing healthy veggies and complex carbs closest to it’s natural source to pair with your protein of choice. Billy Beck III explains Nutrition Cycling, which is another AWESOME option for non-pregnant people to try as well. Check it out, it is worth watching this brief video!! If you are pregnant now is not the time to cut out anything or go on diets. Keep eating a well balanced diet and you and your baby will be very healthy!!


Did you feel comfortable with the food choices you made during your pregnancy, whether good or bad?

How did it make you feel?

14 Responses to “4 Months and Loving It!”

  1. Great references for “low-carb diets” while pregnant and also on the nutrition cycling. Great way to rationalize buying new clothes. I suggest just taking the white-trash route and just unbuttoning & unzipping your jeans and folding them over. Maybe in a couple more months when you’re really popping you can give that a try. That would be an awesome blog picture :-)

    • Jessica says:

      That would be hysterical!! I will also get the short shorts wth the pockets hanging out the bottom LOL! Yea I thought it was important to talk a bit about healthy eating especially as it relates to non prefix as well:)

  2. OMG Jess, I was dying laughing at your button popping story! Soooo funny! I totally agree on the shopping, its so needed, especially that as your feeling a little “fuller”, its nice to get some cute clothes to make you feel a little “sexier” lol. Great tips on dieting, or not dieting while prego for that matter. I definitely did not DIET, but I ate very clean my whole pregnancy. I did just as you did and indulged in a few goodies here and there but always in MODERATION. I felt like eating super clean so that I would be feeding my baby nutritious food. So I have to say I did feel comfortable with the food choices i made cuz i never over-indulged and I ate super clean, as you are! Eating well made me feel great! You already feel huge as your belly grows so eating badly would just make you feel worse. So thats some motivation to eat clean. You look amazing and you are glowing. Cant wait to meet baby Karp! Loving your blogs! Makes me wanna be prego again lol

    • Jessica says:

      Oh thanks so much!!! I am waiting for you to come in and say your pregnant again!!!!! Hurry up!!! :) can’t wait for baby Karp too! and for our QT yet to come!

  3. janine says:

    you are by far the best looking , in shape pregnant person i ever knew! you look great! keep applying that cream! lol can’t wait to see that little belly in person! look forward to all your pics to come! thanks for sharing! xo

  4. Tiffany Wilson says:

    LOLOLOL I love that your buttoned popped open! That is awesome! You look so wonderful and I love that tiny belly of yours! xoxoxo

  5. Jen Cadenas says:

    You look beautiful, girlie! Love these posts. Can’t wait to read the next update! xoxo

  6. chelsey says:

    hi can you please post your sample workouts for every month? thanks!

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