Spinach and Artichoke “Egg Mc Muffins”! (Snack-Sized Quiches)

August 5th, 2011

OK, so I have been seeing these in cookbooks like crazy lately, my friends have been making them, I figured it’s about time I tried it right? Well, I love spinach and artichoke concoctions so I decided to make my own. Usually quiches you find are not that healthy-but this one is! AND it is bite-size! I call it an Egg Mc Muffin as it is made in a 12-muffin tin. These can be made however you like! This one is Spinach and Artichoke. These are GREAT for healthy snacks, breakfast, whatever! AND please be my guest… have more than one! Have 1, 2 for a snack!  They are low enough in calories for you to have multiple!

Those of you who know my sister Janine, when she was in town I made them for her and she loved them! They are quick to make so just try it!

There are some variations you can do depending on your taste. I mention them throughout the recipe so YOU decide!

Remember to read through the Ingredient List and Directions thoroughly before making this so you are aware of what’s needed and any accommodations/substitutions you may need to make.


Ingredients: Try for all Organic if possible!

1 Pack of Frozen Chopped Spinach – thawed and drained (Mke sure all water is squeezed out!)

3 Whole Brown Eggs

1 ½ Cups of Egg Whites

1 Can of Quartered Artichokes – rinsed and chopped

1 Teaspoon Minced Garlic

¼ Cup on Diced Red Onion (optional)

½ Cup Cheese (optional) Actually tastes great without it AND less fat. I did half and half to try it.

(I used a mix between freshly grated Monterey Jack and Provolone Cheese.)

Feta is yummy too-they’re in my fridg right now! Even a low fat cheddar. I just use what’s in the house if I want to make them!

Grill Mates Roasted Garlic and Herb Seasoning

Salt and Pepper – a sprinkle of each



-Preheat Oven to 350*.

-Spray a 12-muffin tin with PAM, then wipe out excess oil.

-Rinse and drain artichokes and chop then add to a large mixing bowl.

-Drain spinach WELL and add to bowl.

-Add eggs and egg whites. Mix well.

-Sprinkle salt and pepper into mixture along with a few really good sprinkles of the Grill Mates Garlic and Herb Seasoning.

-If using cheese, add in now and mix well. You can even sprinkle some of the cheese on top after you pour mixture into the muffin tray and use a little less. Whichever your desire!

-Keep in mind you can also add meat to this. Leftover plain/ligtly seasoned chicken or turkey from dinner can come in handy and bump up the protein! Add a couple more egg whites if adding meat and a little less veggies so it all fits :)

-Use a ¼ cup measuring scoop and scoop mixture into each “muffin cup”.

-Bake for approx. 31 minutes and remove from the oven. Check a minute or so before. Let stand for 15 minutes then carefully remove and place on a few sheets of paper towels, flat on the counter.

-Can serve with a slice of avocado and your good to go!

Enjoy and let me know how you like…love it!

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  1. Tiffany Wilson says:

    Ooooo love spinach and artichoke!! I will try this!1!

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