5 Weeks Out!!!

October 21st, 2011

35 Weeks-8 months and 3 Weeks…WHOA!

Keep reading to see what’s going on and to get a great pregnancy work out too!

WOW, time is FLYING! I need more time to get everything done!!! I am sure it will all come together in the end though!

How are YOU doin’???

Still feeling great! No crazy cravings! Sorry, I really don’t crave pickles with peanut butter.

I am however starting to feel my pelvic bones shift…WEIRD! It gets achey/sore at times. So strange but it is normal. How else are we supposed to get baby out?

I am getting a little acid reflux every now and again. Mostly when I have spicy foods. Trying to limit that a little bit.

My belly is getting in the way now of putting on shoes and opening doors, leaning over my bathroom sink to do my makeup, etc. Little things that were never difficult now take a little more effort and some creativity to get things done!

I had my FL shower here at Acquolina (YUM) and it was GREAT! My mother in law, sister in law, niece and best friend did an amazing job! It was beautiful! Here are some pics of me and my expanding self, from the shower! Below is Tiffany, Darin and Leigh!

What Else is New?

Well, since my NY shower, not too much has happened-just getting bigger and bigger!  I still feel good, but now as I am well into my 3rd trimester, I am feeling a tad more tired. I notice that when I have a busy busy day, it makes me tired the next!

I am crazy nesting, as not only are we doing the baby’s room, but we are tying up all the lose ends in our house that weren’t done before, decorating and organization-wise. I washed everything, like the sheets, stuffed animals I got, blankets, etc. I am ready to wash some baby clothes to get me started with my soon-to-be newborn baby girl! Her closet is FULL of clothes already and she is going to be just like here mommy as she already has a ton of shoes to get her started! When I hit 8 and a half months, or 34 weeks, I took out EVERYTHING out of ALL of my kitchen cabinets and rearranged it and cleaned it…nuts I know! There’s that nesting…To top it all off I am just about done doing Christmas and Hanukkah shopping!!

I did my maternity pictures at 33 weeks, and they were a LOT of fun! I will post pics up soon! I used a GREAT photographer Sam B. Photography. Lots of fun, girly, sexy, cute and intimate pics of yourself, your belly and your hubby! We even got Blue in a pic with us outside too!!! You know, since he is our “first born” and all. Haha! No, but she was awesome. If you live in the Fort Lauderdale/Weston area, check her out HERE!

What’s Your Weight?

A few weeks back, most of you know I had another sonogram at 31 weeks and they confirmed that it is still a girl so that’s GREAT! At 31 weeks my baby was measuring 4 pounds 4 ounces already! I did a small poll on Facebook and had people guess the baby’s birth weight! You can join in too-just leave a comment on here or on Facebook with your guess! I am currently going on 35 weeks, so do the math and get your guess in! We haven’t thought of a prize yet…nor did we come up with a name for our baby girl yet either…but that’s beside the point! Anyways, I got all kinds of guess-weights from 7 pounds to 16 pounds! We’ll see!! It’s funny what people say to you when they see me prego.,. Some think I am due in a day and some can’t believe how far along I am. Some ask if it’s twins, some SWEAR that it’s a boy and others “just knew” that it was a girl. It is very comical and always makes for an interesting day no matter where I go!

I definitely will miss being pregnant. I have to say I really got to enjoy it-ALL of it (so far…). I know that it will be a different experience when I am pregnant with a 2nd child, as I will have 1 already to take care of. I also see that no 2 pregnancies are (usually) alike, just as no 2 kids are usually alike! Right now being pregnant is easy and fun and it’s my first so that’s super special (even though 2nd and 3rds are special too…) you know what I mean! Time to enjoy it now, because life changes, as we know it in just a few weeks!!!!!!!!


Of course, I am still truckin’ along. I am not gonna lie-I seem to be feeling more lazy (I think it’s the tiredness and me being busy doing a million house things) BUT, NO excuse, I still go 5 days a week and feel GREAT when I am done. I am lightening my load as my pregnancy progresses, but still challenging myself safely and effectively.

Check out what I am doing on my Chest and Back Day: Pregos give it a try!

Your weights now should be lighter, but still challenging by the end of the set.

A1. Decline Chest Press 20x

A2. Wide Grip Lat Pull Down 20x

A3. Decline Chest Flye (standing or seated) 20x

A4. Triangle Lat Pull Down 20x

Rest 60-90s Total 4 Sets

B1. Seated Chest Press 20x

B2. Seated Rope Row 20x

B3. Seated Flye 20x

B4. Dumbbell Upright Row 20x

Rest 60-90s Total 4 Sets

Band Set: 20-30s of each exercise using a resistance band, standing.


C1. Band Chest Press C2. Band Row C3. Band Flye C4. Band Swimmers (straight arm shoulder extension)

Rest 30-60s Total 2 Sets

Til Next Time!

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  1. Tiffany Wilson says:

    Awwwww! So happy you had a good time! I love you so much!!!!!!! You look so amazing! <3

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