Client Testimonials

Read below for true client success stories! (Pictures soon to come)

Jennifer C.

A girl from work recently approached me and said, “You know, you don’t look like you had a baby.”  Well, for a tired working mom with a new seven-month-old at home, I couldn’t imagine getting a better compliment than that.

How much did I gain during pregnancy?  Let’s put it this way—I stopped counting after 60lbs.  So, after delivering my son, I was stuck with extra weight and a major complex to match.  Then my hubby told me about BB3.  He had taken advantage of the Get Fit Weston program in November and scheduled a training session with Jessica Karp.  He raved about it, so I gave Jess a call and met the girl who would help me turn things around.

Thanks to Jess, I went from barely being able to do a push up to doing 60 in one session.  Actually, just last night, she had me do 110–plus 110 squat jumps and body rows, too!  Overall, Jess’s expertise and encouragement has been key in developing my physical and mental strength.  Every session, Jess pushes my body to the limit.  She tells me each time I surpass a milestone, and she’s excited to report my progress.  Speaking of progress, I’ve lost 6% body fat since the start of the challenge in January, and 30 lbs since starting my sessions with Jess in November. 

My relationship with my body changed after experiencing pregnancy and delivery; it made me recognize my body’s resilience, and made me grateful for what it can do.  Training at BB3 with Jess has only furthered my capabilities.  And thanks to Jess and her faith in me, I’ve also renewed faith in myself.    


Charlene F.

Well, here’s my Billy Beck III story…

It was January 3, 2011 and I was one month away from turning the Big 4-0! I needed to get into shape, FAST! I figured that if I didn’t start doing something to change my lifestyle now I never would. I had heard about BB3 from friends of mine in the community and was impressed by how BB3 had transformed them physically and mentally. I also had a friend of mine who trained there. So, I called and made an appointment. 

I had a great experience during my consultation. I loved the energy that was happening around me the minute I stepped into the BB3. I met with Jessica Karp, who happens to be one incredible trainer! Jess and I chatted for a moment as she introduced me to the friendly staff and clients. The facility was so inviting with its boxing ring, cool equipment and cleanliness! I loved the energy and immediately felt the need to be there! Then, Jess took me into the measurement room! Yikes! I was far worse off then I had ever imagined! I was 145 lbs and worse than that 28% body fat! Very unhealthy for me!

Coincidentally, Jess told me that BB3 was offering their 90-Day Challenge. I was a little unsure at first not thinking I could accomplish a fitness task such as this right away, but I decided that the 90-Day Challenge was exactly what I needed to kick start my fitness goals. So, I signed up! I committed myself 120%! I changed my eating habits and visited with Jess three times a week! Let me tell you, this was the best thing I have ever done for myself! My body has transformed in a way that I could have never imagined!!! Now, at 40 years old I am in the BEST shape of my life. I have dropped my body fat percentage, lost weight, built lean muscle and best of all, people notice! I love the way I look and feel and I’m not going to stop! I have become addicted to my training!

BB3 is like no other place I have trained before! It will transform you as it has me! I have nearly finished the 90 Day Challenge which is something I never would have even dreamed of doing before. I look better, feel great and love BB3! Give BB3 a try and you’ll see the results for yourself!


Sandy S.

In November of 2010, I was a very out of shape senior citizen, and I had been thinking about my health and my weight for a while.  Then I read about the Get Fit Weston program.  I checked out the other two places that were participating in the program, and decided to give BBlll a call.  I was told that someone would call me back.  That very same day, I received a call from Johann.  He was so friendly on the phone that I decided to make an appointment.

When I arrived at BBlll for my first session, I was dressed in work out clothes and ready to go.  I was surprised that the entire hour was spent talking to Jess, my trainer.  She weighed and measured me, and then we talked about nutrition.  That session set the groundwork that would change my life.  That day I changed the way I think and the way I live! 

 Then came the workouts.  I have never sweated so much in my life!  Throughout every single minute of every single session, Jess has been there to encourage me and to support me (and we laugh a lot too).  As my weeks at BBlll have turned into months, I am beginning to know other trainers.  Even though I don’t work directly with them, I have found them to be supportive as well.  Unlike other gyms, the atmosphere at BBlll is that we ALL care about you.  I feel like part of a community of people who are living healthy lifestyles and are actively contributing to each others’ successes.

I have been a yoyo dieter for many years.  The difference at BBlll is the motivation and the support!  What a difference a good trainer makes!  Although I have never worked with one before, I have many friends who have, and none of my friends have felt the personal connection with their trainers that I do.  Why, Jess even called me while she was away on vacation to see how I was doing.  Try to find THAT somewhere else!

I love the fact that BBlll is a small facility, and that you can get to know the people.  It doesn’t feel like a factory.  Clients’ and trainers’ birthdays are celebrated, and there is camaraderie and a sense of belonging.   I am more motivated now than I have ever been before.  I am eating such good, healthy food, and I love it.  I now love to cook, whereas I never enjoyed cooking before.  I feel mentally strong and I am getting physically stronger as well.  I am losing weight, (so far 22 pounds in 2.5 months) and I feel so good about my journey.  People tell me that I look great, and that I actually seem happier!  What could be better?


Chris C.

I have always been health conscious and worked out on a regular basis: ran, lifted weights and tried to watch what I ate. However, as I grew older my endurance was not these and as a result my times in my 5-K’s went down. I needed to find something or someone to get me past my present threshold in my workouts. It so happens I met Jess at a 5-K run. Since then I have dropped weight, body fat, increased endurance and muscle tone. Jess is extremely dedicated to her profession. She takes time out to make sure you are doing the exercise correctly and she pushes you to your potential. She is pleasant to have as a trainer.

Dave J.

Training at BB3 has been a wonderful experience that has opened my eyes to the benefits of proper training instructions.  I have been working out off and on for 15 years and I felt I really needed guidance with my workouts since I was barely maintaining my current level of fitness.  Since the very first workout with Jessica Karp, I realized how little I really knew about proper training and nutrition.  In the beginning I was barely getting through the workouts but little by little she was helping me improve each time.  I feel like I am getting stronger and my endurance is improving all the time.  I would of never of been able to push myself to make improvements each week without her guiding me and encouraging me through the tough workouts.  Their are days when I come into the gym and really don’t feel like training, but she is always their to motivate me and push me as hard as my body can take on that given day.  Jessica has that ability to know when your body is getting fatigued or when you are just being lazy.  This was so important for me because she pushes me to work harder at the right times.  I was working around a few injuries that I had acquired from my job, and she designed my workouts to build up those weak areas and helped me to finally not be in constant pain.  My job is very labor intensive and since I started training with her I noticed a huge difference in my conditioning.   The facility at BB3 is very hard to describe unless you visit it.  It is truly the best gym I have ever been to.  Everyone their from the trainers to the members make you feel like family.  It is an experience I really recommend if you are serious about your training and want to take it to the next level.  I still have a long way to go to get to were I want to be, but I know I will get their with Jessica training me and a wonderful facility to train at.

 Thanks for everything.

Catharine V.

I attend the BB3 Breakthrough Seminar January 13, 2011. Wow, did I feel motivated to learn more about ways to improve my overall health and well being. I attended the open house at the gym, met my trainer Jessica Karp. Jessica did body composition testing of my body fat percentage.

I started my training with Jessica. Jessica found all my weak areas that need major improvement. I was not able to do sit ups without abdominal pain or spasms from numerous abdominal surgeries. I can now do 8 pull ups. Before I started training with Jessica, you would never see me doing a pull up. I can’t wait to hang out with my nieces and nephew in Iowa the end of April to do the monkey bars and hang upside down. Ok, I am a kid at heart and full of energy and ambition.

Jessica found exercises for me to improve my core, strengthen my body in all areas. I learned to love doing the ropes and kettle bell. Each week I have found areas, I have improved in strength, stamina, endurance, and cardio.

Now I am able to suck my gut in and I can do sit ups. I had to buy new shorts, my elastic shorts were falling down and I have gone down one size in shorts and pants. My uniform pants are getting loose and fall off my waist and legs are getting baggy. The t-shirts I get from 5K could be a size smaller.

I was able to meet one of my goals by finishing the A1A ½ Marathon in 3:16:14. My goal was to finish before 3:30. I was totally overwhelmed with my finish. I have completed 2 more 5K’s. My time has improved in each of the 5K. Each time I train with Jessica I feel, I am learning to improve my over all health. I have signed up for several Triathlons for this year and my goal is to run the whole 5K without stopping. I am going to reach this goal with the help of BB3 and my trainer Jessica Karp.

One other thing I needed to improve was my nutritional intake. As a single person cooking, has been a challenge for me.  During a training session Jessica mentioned that Michelle Marie was going to have a cooking class. I thought this would be great since, that is one area I need major improvement for my health. I am cooking food I would have never thought of mixing together and am learning each day how to eat healthy and take food with me for on the go. The cooking class was fantastic and can’t wait for the next class to improve me cooking skills. I bought Eat to be Fit by Michelle Marie and there is a great variety of food, I am going to learn to make and enjoy each bite. I am slowly loosing weight and tone up my body with proper eating.

I turn 50 this year and with the help of BB3 and my trainer Jessica, I will be able to complete my next goal by finishing a 70.3 Ironman in November.


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  1. Diana Levy says:

    You are an amazing trainer!!!!! Good energy always Jess :o )

  2. Jessica says:

    awww thanks Diana!!!!!! xoxo

  3. Great job Jess! Way to inspire others and achieve measurable results!!!!

  4. Tiffany Wilson says:

    What wonderful stories! So awesome!

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